Free for Life International is changing at the end

of 2022…

Learn more below.

Free for Life International is changing at the end of 2022…

Learn more below.

What happens next…

Free for Life International’s Board of Directors has made the challenging decision to restructure the organization at the end of 2022 in support of one program: the survivor scholarship.

Free for Life as we currently know it will be closing this chapter, but we are excited to announce the scholarship program will be continuing under a new name: the EverWell International Scholarship. 

Who Will Be Leading EverWell?

The program will stilll be led by those who developed and manage the program — Board member, Rachel Harmon will be overseeing the transtition. Many existing board and committee members – including survivor leaders – plan to make the transition as well.

When Will EverWell Be Live?

We are working to make this transition as seamless as possible. As we continue to work through the administrative pieces, we will keep our Free for Life family updated every step of the way. We plan to have EverWell fully launched by January 2023.

Rachel Harmon

Rachel Harmon

Project Director - The EverWell International Scholarship

“Over the last few years, the FFLI team has learned so much as we created and grew the survivor scholarship program and distributed over 100 awards. I’m excited to take this knowledge gained and build on it as we enter a new chapter with the EverWell International Scholarship. I’m especially looking forward to focusing in on what we do best, as we deepen our mission with EverWell to be fully dedicated to providing scholarship funding to survivors.

We will continue to be a survivor-centered program that empowers recipients to chart their own paths of growth and success through education, and our commitment to our students will not waver as we make the transition from FFLI to EverWell.”

Questions about EverWell? You can contact me here.