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Shelters are safe spaces for survivors, where both their immediate and long-term care needs are met. Following trauma, victims of trafficking need to feel supported and empowered in their unique journeys towards healing. it.

Free for Life currently partners with short-term facilities located near our border monitoring station, as well as a long-term home in Thailand. At our Thai home, women and girls live in a family-style environment, where there is no time limit on their recovery. The survivors are encouraged to stay until they have completed their education — an important step towards ending the multi-generational slavery in this region.

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Thailand's New Normal

The Coronavirus ripples around the globe like skipping stones in the river. Each hit disturbs the calm, predictable patterns of life, creating overlapping circles of isolation, fear, and uncertainty. 

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Reflection from a Volunteer

How do I make you, the reader, understand the sounds as I walked in ‘Soi 8’ — the blaring music, the calls of the girls, the laughter and boisterous bellows of the men, or the smells of sweet perfume mixed with sewer vapors and street food and dirty streets? How do I make you see the beauty of outcast girls who are hated by their culture, sold by their mamasans, and groped and abused by men?

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Our cornerstone program is border monitoring between India and Nepal. At our station, trained staff members identify warning signs and intervene to rescue victims. 


Our scholarship program builds relationships with survivors of human trafficking, so that we can walk hand-in-hand with them as they achieve their dreams.


Our goal is to create concerned citizens who can identify and appropriately respond to potential trafficking scenarios around them.

Free For Life International is fighting human trafficking around the world. We believe in freedom for all. 

Human Trafficking Does Not Stop in Times of Crisis, and Neither Will We.Our Response to COVID-19