Stephanie’s Summer Update

Summer Semester | 2019

Stephanie is a former foster youth and survivor of human trafficking.

“It’s been a long long and hard journey of recovery. I had to learn to trust and choose to believe that not all people are out to harm me. I chose to allow God into my heart to start the healing process. I’m so thankful that I did!”

Fast forward 10+ years and Stephanie is now in her junior year of college! Stephanie is due to graduate with honors in May 2020. Stephanie’s dream is to open a trauma-sensitive home to help women to see their value and worth in Jesus Christ, and to teach the life skills many foster youth and trafficking survivors desperately need.

“Free for Life International’s scholarship has helped me to pay for gas, tolls, and books for college. Because those expenses are covered, I was able to take time off from work without the pressure of worrying how bills were going to be paid. The scholarship, friends and support I received from the FFLI team has been an overwhelming feeling of joy! I feel loved, supported, and valued by this ministry.”

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Free for Life Team
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