2 Border Monitoring Stations

Who would've guessed these little blue huts save lives?


By Drew Graham

Little Blue Huts that save lives…

In March of 2015 my wife Kelsey and I had the opportunity to travel to Nepal.

We had heard so much about Free for Life, and their partners, and finally had a chance to see how the organization worked first hand.  From the first time we heard about their mission, I had been intrigued by their border monitoring stations.  Time and time again they were described as “little blue huts” where staff monitored the borders.

In my mind I thought that everyone was downplaying the border monitoring stations. 

There was no way that such an important part of the mission would be so insignificant as to be described as “little blue huts”.  So I imagined something more grand, a building on the border, a depot where individuals could be screened and those who needed help could be saved.

In reality the border stations turned out to be much more… and in many ways, so much more than I ever imagined

We were fortunate enough to visit all of the stations operating at that time.  Although the challenges of monitoring the border were different for each, some constants remained.  The “little blue huts” were all small.  And one of the biggest surprises of our trip, not all of the border monitoring stations were little blue huts!  They weren’t small in the way we think of small real estate in America.  Small as in an 8 foot by 8-foot square structure… small as in an office that couldn’t have been 6 feet by 10 feet.

Each was staffed by a team of dedicated staff.  They had all fully bought into the cause, and were willing to accept any risks involved.  The teams worked tirelessly watching as thousands shuffled past.  They studied body language and every mannerism, knowing exactly the warning signs and triggers to look for.  The staff would stop those who may be in trouble, interviewing them for more information, offering help to all in need.

Lastly, each station kept meticulous records.  This was possibly the most surprising element to me.  Records of who had been interviewed, where they had come from, where they were going, including all types of demographic information.  Information that ultimately could be used to develop an even sharper sense for who needed helped.

I had heard so much about these little blue huts.  I thought that I knew what I was in store for, but in reality the mission and importance of the border monitoring stations seemed even greater to me after we returned.

The border monitoring stations are quite literally the last chance for many of the Nepali girls who have fallen victim to trafficking. 

The small stations provide such a vital role the rescue operations of Free for Life, and their partners, and after visiting Nepal, the “little blue huts” seem like so much more!

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