Liberation NOW

A Night Celebrating Human Trafficking Survivors & Their Stories of Freedom

Freedom is a right. We should all be free, for life.


Free for Life International was thrilled by the success of our first-ever Liberation Now gala! After joining forces with Indie Connect, Phenix Red, and Found Movement Group, we hosted a one-of-a-kind evening highlighting art, community and purpose. The event celebrated the strength of human trafficking survivors, through the lens of art.

Each ticket included a 3-course dinner with custom wine pairings for each course, and all proceeds supported human trafficking survivors through Free for Life’s programs.

Darlene Palwik

Featured speaker: Darlene

Darlene is an author and speaker at The Darling Princess. Darlene focuses her attention on turning the pain of her past into purpose for the future; to bring awareness about the harms of abuse, to seek solutions to the problem of human trafficking, and to educate lawmakers and policy influencers. She currently serves as Free for Life’s survivor advisor, and we are honored to have her as the speaker for this one-of-a-kind event!

Featured performer: Phenix Red

Powerhouse Rebel Phenix Red is making a name for herself standing apart from the common flow. A visionary singer/songwriter and producer, Phenix has crafted a sound as raw as it is real. Having been described as a blend of soulful warrior infusions, catchy pop melodies, and gutty rockedges – Phenix has curated what is the “Roxul Pop” Movement. Unlike anything on the Indie scene, Phenix is a theatrical stamp pioneering out of bounds with her powerful stage performances and stretchy set of pipes – Phenix has well established her persona to be a true reflection of her movement. ‘A visual assault that will attack all your senses.’”

Featured Performer: Found Movement Group

“Established in 2006, Found is a community of movers who work together in an effort to bring quality movement education and choreographic artistry to Nashville. Found’s mission is to establish an open community through dance and movement that maintains responsibility to social consciousness.”

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