5 Bows Purchased

Putting a Bow on Freedom means giving hope and restoration to trafficking victims.

The holidays are the time to focus on what matters most. It’s the time to appreciate our loved ones and be thankful for what we have. It is also when Free for Life brings the focus back to the very thing that drives our passion to end human trafficking: the precious girls we rescue.

Every December, Free for Life’s Put a Bow on Freedom Campaign is an opportunity to support these girls. Just $300 is the cost to rescue a girl through our Border Monitoring Program. Just $300 is enough to give someone the lifelong gift of freedom.

Each $300 bow purchased ensures that one more girl in Nepal finds freedom and restoration.

So far this season, we are so excited that 14 bows have already been purchased, 14 more girls to be rescued going into the New Year. Please stand with us as we continue fighting for love, joy, and freedom before Put a Bow on Freedom ends on December 31st!

Our girls in Nepal are our top priority, therefore all the proceeds from Put a Bow on Freedom will go directly to our Border Monitoring Program, directly back into the mission of restoring hope and dignity.

Our goal is to enter the New Year with the ability to rescue as many girls as possible! Please join us today!

Free for Life
Katie Thompson
Katie is the Operations Supervisor for Free for Life. Her desire to create positive change is what brought her to Nashville, and her heart for international issues and social justice is what led her to Free for Life. She is a critical part of the close-knit, overly caffeinated team. View more posts by Katie.