Be encouraged. Together, we are making a difference.

by Colette Bercu

I wanted to encourage you all that we are making a difference….together.

As we ready ourselves for the coming holiday season with all of the details and plans I am always amazed at how quickly an evening or day can come and go. We seem to stress about all of the details and always hope for a good outcome. This event was no exception. Laurie, Amanda, Ceci, Dan and myself worked to plan and execute the evening hoping that each guest that attended would feel the warmth one feels after spending the evening among family and friends.

As you know Free for Life International held a small fundraiser last evening, and after we paid for the sound to be run and the venue we raised a total of 500 dollars. Let me break this down in another way. Approximately 60 people attended and gave generous donations from 10 to 125 dollars. When each was added together enough money was raised to cover the cost of providing food for all of the children in Nicaragua’s shelter for one month (and a tiny bit more). This my friends was a great night.

The angelic voice of Andrea Thomas kicked off the evening and from the beginning we all knew this was going to be special. Next the beautiful and incredibly talented duo The Kinleys took the stage.. all I can say is wow what a great show. All of those performing generously donated their time, talents and heats to the work of Free for Life. From the bottom of our heart we want to say thank you again for making this evening possible. Did I mention it was a Great evening?…. I can truly say this evening fed my spirit as much as the tangible food it will provide.

Laurie Kerr planned and hosted this evening like a pro and I heard later from more than one person that she could not have wrapped up the event in a more perfect way. Earlier that day she sang a song she and Jill Riley had just finished writing about those held in sexual slavery. I was brought to tears and asked her if she would sing it at the end of the evening. The note our hearts were left with was we must continue our efforts to ensure each girl will have every opportunity to heal and know true love and compassion.

Oh and did I mention it was a FAB evening :)…

And so, it is by FAITH that we believe Free for Life will continue to help meet the needs of the shelters we partner with great and small.

Please take a moment and donate to the scholarship program that is featured right now.

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