7 Nashville Team Members

there are a group of 7 warriors in Nashville fighting for freedom!

Fighting for a cause doesn’t always mean being where the strife is. In the case of Free for Life International, there are a group of 7 warriors in Nashville fighting for the freedom and restoration of women and children in Nepal and India. Although our team is composed of a diverse range of passions, talents and experiences, we have one goal and mission: to rescue and restore women and children from the injustices of human sex trafficking.

Our fearless executive director Gabrielle Thompson oversees the Nashville office and communicates directly with the staff in Nepal. Gabrielle works hard to equip our team with knowledge and practical ways advocate for the women in Nepal. We are so thankful for the way she leads our team with passion and drive! She is assisted in this effort by FFL’s incredible administrative specialist, Katie Thompson.

Katie Thompson is truly the office superhero. With flawless execution she manages the day-to-day administrative logistics that help keep everyone organized. Her attention to detail and communication skills ensures FFL runs smoothly. Whether she is editing FFL’s communication materials, supervising interns or maintaining the donor database, she puts her all into everything she does. Her sweet spirit and hard work ethic creates an atmosphere that enables the Nashville staff to work efficiently.

Our Art and Media coordinator is the relentless and empowering Sarah Weeks. Sarah curates the creative persona of FFL by heading up all of the social media efforts and engaging the local community. Her creative passion and design skills bring awareness and motivate supporters to move into action. We are so thankful for her joyful spirit!

Free for Life’s two interns Brianna and Killian have added character to the team this fall. Brianna has been assisting Katie with donor relations, data entry and research. Killian is Free for Life’s media intern and has been assisting Sarah with designing social media images, photography and innovative ideas.

Mark Hooper and Lauren Bradish are Free for Life’s diligent team members. As committed volunteers, Lauren and Mark selflessly give their time to fighting human trafficking. Mark has helped Free for Life with grant writing and has done an amazing job advocating for the women and children in Nepal. Lauren works with Free for Life’s data entry and is a talented writer who has written many stories about our rescued women. We are so thankful for the way these team members have impacted Free for Life.

Our team in Nashville has seen a lot of success this year and we are excited to continue to serve women and children in Nepal and India. As our team continues to to fight human trafficking, we are always looking for more people to partner with. If you are interested in fighting alongside us, please visit the ACT tab on our website for more information.

To further our teams efforts, please consider donating to Putting a Bow on Freedom!  Your donation rescues precious women out of slavery and brings healing in a way that changes lives forever! WE NEED YOUR PARTNERSHIP. Donate here!

-Killian Rose

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