Man arrested for having 500,000 to 1million pornographic video's and images

Charges were filed against this man on April 5, 2013.  He was arrested for amassing 500,000 to 1 million full length video’s and images of children abused and victimized into the wold of  pornography. This is a much bigger story than just the arrest of this man. If there are 500,00 to 1million video’s and images how many children are we talking about. This is a story that needs to be everywhere. How is this not the number one story everywhere? The numbers are staggering.  These numbers  mean that  hundreds of thousands of children were abused, and in many of these cases were trafficked in these images and video’s. The moment one person sold or traded any of these video’s or images for gain these children were trafficked. Force, fraud or coercion does not have to be proven in cases where a minor is trafficked. Millions of children are being abused and sex trafficked here and around the world.
  • There is  also a problem with some of the vernacular used in this story. The same way we should not be using statements like child prostitution anywhere, we should not be using terms like child porn or kiddy porn. Just as in cases where children are victimized and are being sold into prostitution, these children are also victims through force, fraud or coercion into the world of pornography.

Tennessee Woman Charged With Human Trafficking

A Tennessee woman and Florida man have been charged with human trafficking after forcing a young woman to work as a stripper. Read more on WKRN-News Channel 2, Nashville, TN

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