11 Girls Rescued in Historic Delhi Raid

Free for Life and our partner PRC in Nepal complete first ever raid. Traffickers arrested, 11 girls rescued.

This past February, Free for Life, along with our partners in Nepal, completed its first ever raid on a brothel. This exciting development resulted in the arrest of two high-profile traffickers and the rescue of 11 girls from sexual slavery.

The arrangements for the raid – on a brothel located in Delhi, India – took almost a month to organize. The hard work paid off, however, as this was the first time the Indian Police Special Task Force has partnered with both a U.S. and Nepalese organization for this purpose ever in history! After receiving information from a community member, a sting rescue operation was planned and executed by Free for Life, our partners and the Indian Police.

The brothel was set up in a high-rise apartment building and was serving as a temporary location until the traffickers could send the girls abroad to the Middle East. All 11 girls were Nepalese and were made to believe they were being offered legitimate employment opportunities overseas. Instead, all of the girls’ passports and papers were taken and they were held captive in slavery.

This inspiring freedom operation embodies Free for Life’s values and goals. It is only through our strong partnership, relationships with the community in Nepal and our generous support system and Free for Life family that any of this is possible! We are so thankful for this groundbreaking success and are more committed to these initiatives than ever before!

-Katie Thompson

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Katie Thompson
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