12(+ 815) girls rescued

For every girl in danger, we want to say "You are safe"

12(+ 815) girls rescued

Imagine being locked inside a box, choking for air, surrounded by eminent darkness, completely fearful of what the next second might bring.  Never knowing if your body will be used without your permission, never knowing if your next meal will be provided, never knowing if this injustice will ever relinquish its’ suffocating grasp.

Then imagine being in a home surrounded by laughter and joy.  There’s happiness flowing out of every red brick that invites and protects you.  You have a sense of home, stability, light, and peace.  You are safe.

Both of these scenes have been reality for our girls, but we take pride in the loving environment that we, and our partners , have created for them.  When a girl is rescued and cannot go home to her family,  she is brought to our home in Kathmandu.  Here all of her needs are attended to: medical, physical, psychological, emotional, educational, and financial.  She is given an environment that fosters safe healing and complete wellness.

In the ten years since Free for Life began, 827 girls have been rescued!

Our Rescue Home and Border Monitoring Stations go hand in hand.  Our Border Monitoring staff are keen observers and highly skilled to see a trafficking situation.  They are watching, always searching for flaws in stories, false documents, even the slightest inconsistence in behavior; anything that can be used to rescue a girl.  The hardness they portray during an interview is softened when they are nurturing a scared victim. Truly the perfect balance of fierce and unrelenting with traffickers but also tender and supportive with our girls.

In the past ten years that we have been an organization, we are so excited to say that 827 girls have been rescued!

Rescue and restoration are top priorities of Free for Life International.  The lifeblood that flows through our organization is completely dedicated to fulfilling this mission.

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Sarah Weeks
Sarah Weeks is the Art and Media Coordinator for Free for Life. Her heart has always been passionate about seeing social justice and equality for all people, which has led her to working with anti-human trafficking NGO's for the last 5 years in various asian countries. Sarah firmly believes with coffee in her hand, Beyonce' in her ears, and determination in her soul she can see a difference in the lives of human trafficking victims. View more posts by Sarah.