Maya was placed in foster care at 12 years old. She was sexually abused, and turned to Jason for comfort. Maya felt like she was in love, but he had other plans—to traffick her.

FFLI PREVENTS human trafficking by giving girls like Maya a safe person to turn to – one who is trained to recognize luring tactics.

4 years, hundreds of Johns, and so many sleepless nights later, Maya got appendicitis and went to the ER alone… something that is rarely allowed by traffickers. A nurse, who was trained to spot the red flags of trafficking, noticed something was wrong and helped Maya escape.

FFLI RESCUES girls like Maya from trafficking situations and places them in loving environments where they can heal according to their own, unique needs.

The nurse helped Maya settle into a long-term shelter, where she felt safe for the first time in years. After much healing, self-love, and forgiveness, she began to dream about her “new life” and applied for a scholarship program to help her achieve her goals.

FFLI RESTORES hope to girls like Maya through a one-of-a-kind scholarship & mentorship program. FFLI provides the flexible financial support survivors need to pursue their education and the guidance of a mentor and safe community.

With FFLI’s help, Maya was ready to start the next stage of her life. Finally, she was empowered and equipped to step fully into freedom.

Maya’s journey is just one example of how Free for Life can change the trajectory of lives, forever.


Free for Life International is fighting human trafficking around the world. We believe in freedom for all.

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