Welcome to India! Take a look at the location of Free for Life’s innovative border monitoring station. We are so excited to be 1 of only 2 organizations in India doing this kind of work on the border with Nepal.

Human Trafficking Factors

Cultural challenges women and girls are currently facing in India.

Arranged Marriages

Cultural pressure to marry young means that girls in India, & their families, are susceptible to false marriage proposals — a common tactic of traffickers.

Education & Literacy

Nationally, India’s literacy rates for women are around 60% — well below that of men. Early marriages often cut short a girl’s education.

Arranged Marriages

India has one of the lowest rates of female employment in South Asia, meaning limited opportunities for women and girls who do work.

Open Border

Movement of Nepalese and Indian citizens across the border between the two countries is largely unrestricted and unmonitored.


The crushing weight of poverty and all that comes with it – creates vulnerability to the various schemes employed by traffickers.

Cultural Attitudes

Long-held cultural attitudes towards women make them subject to gender-based violence and second-class treatment.

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