Trafficking Prevention, Global Education

Free for Life International has developed a groundbreaking trafficking prevention curriculum for orphans and at-risk youth in
some of the most under-served regions in the world.

The Need

Around the world, children are consistently one of the populations most vulnerable to human traffickers. This vulnerability increases if the children or youth are orphaned, uneducated or economically disadvantaged. Free for Life observed this pattern and decided to work towards breaking these cycles of inequality. Education is an incredible tool for empowerment — empowerment that can prevent trafficking across some of the most undeserved regions on the map.

The Response

Free for Life’s goal was to create a prevention curriculum that could be applied across languages, regions, and cultures. It is our belief that this is the most effective and sustainable approach. Included in the curriculum are individual guides for both students and facilitators, and the purpose of the content is to inform participants how to prevent, identify and respond to human trafficking (called the PIR Method). In addition to the PIR Method, the materials also discuss the basics of human trafficking and the “Trafficking Trap” — or ways in which at-risk individuals are most often lured into dangerous and exploitative situations.

Free for Life could not find any other curriculum materials of this nature,therefore our vision was to produce a first-of-its-kind prevention tool that could be easily distributed to facilitators in various locations. Once these facilitators are trained, they are prepared to take the materials to orphans and at-risk youth within their communities. Additionally, relevant regional information and statistics will be included for every location in which the curriculum is distributed.

The Success

Thanks to the hard work of those below, Free for Life has finalized its youth prevention curriculum and piloted the program in the Dominican Republic. We have secured multiple partners for implementation of the materials to various locations around the world!

The MacLaren Group Inc.



Allies in Youth Development

Prevention in Action

After piloting our fully developed Youth Prevention Curriculum in the Dominican Republic…

97% of participants found the materials effective at educating on human trafficking prevention. 

Take a look at the positive response from one of our latest participants!

This Is Where You Come In

Free for Life’s work is only possible because of the active participation of our partners in the U.S. – whether you join financially, as a volunteer, or start a community chapter you’re invited in.

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