Trafficking Prevention, Global Education

Free for Life International has developed a groundbreaking trafficking prevention curriculum for orphans and at-risk youth in
some of the most under-served regions in the world.

The Need

Human trafficking. To native-English speakers, these two words often evoke visuals of sex and labor exploitation, child soldiers, and even forced marriages. It is not until one begins to teach about human trafficking in developing and vulnerable areas that it becomes clear many around the world have never heard of human trafficking. Even more concerning is that these vulnerable areas are the most at-risk for trafficking. This need led Free for Life International fill the gap by creating an anti-trafficking curriculum for underrepresented populations.

The development of such a curriculum was quickly met with a serious issue—human trafficking does not translate to all languages. How does one get around the issue of a word not existing in another language? This matter pushed the Free for Life team to think outside of the box and led to the creation of ‘Fear Work.’

Fear Work

True fear encompasses all aspects of human trafficking – you cannot have one without the other. Using this basic human emotion, one can then connect to under-served and at-risk populations to inform them about the dangers of human trafficking without ever using the westernized term.

The curriculum is broken down into 2 components: a training guide for facilitators and the students’ instructional materials. Both curriculum components include training on the PIR Method. This method highlights how to Prevent, Identify and Respond to potential trafficking situations and empowers each individual to make a difference in their community.

Free for Life International feels confident that “Fear Work” will make definite strides in the prevention of trafficking for vulnerable populations. Our vision is that individuals who complete the curriculum will walk away prepared, informed, and empowered to handle any situation.

What’s Next

To assist with the development of ‘Fear Work,’ Free for Life has partnered with the renowned MacLaren Group because of their expertise in producing effective curriculum and educational materials. Once all modules have been finalized, we have 3 confirmed partners to assist in the implementation of the program around the world.

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This Is Where You Come In

Free for Life’s work is only possible because of the active participation of our partners in the U.S. – whether you join financially, as a volunteer, or start a community chapter you’re invited in.

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