Curriculum Building

Free for Life believes that prevention is a critical piece in the fight to end human trafficking. See below to learn how we're accomplishing this through the education of law enforcement personnel, medical professionals, and youth around the world.

Trafficking Training for Medical Professionals

Free for Life International's medical training program is designed to equip current and future medical professionals within the U.S. with the knowledge and resources to respond to human trafficking survivors and at-risk patients.
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International Youth Education Curriculum

Free for Life is partnering internationally to bring trafficking prevention education to children and youth in developing countries and some of the most under-served regions in the world.
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Multi-Lingual Phrasebook for Law Enforcement

Free for Life, in collaboration with Doctors at War Against Trafficking, created an incredibly useful resource 'Human Trafficking Questions in 47 Languages.' From Albanian to Welsh, this is a critical resource for law enforcement, care providers and anyone else who may be likely to come into contact with trafficking survivors.
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