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2 Pigs and a Dream

When I first learned about Free for Life, and their partners in Nepal, I knew their mission was fighting against human trafficking in Nepal and being actively involved in the rescue, rehabilitation, and prevention of sex trafficking. Most of what I knew was in regards to the rescue and rehabilitation of those who had been trafficked. It wasn’t until I walked alongside the staff that I learned just how much more involved Free for Life and their partners were in the prevention of trafficking. During our trip, we visited areas across the country, including the border monitoring stations and the primary Rehabilitation Shelter. However, my favorite, and most impactful part of the trip, was visiting the Kamiya village in western Nepal.

The Kimaya village is one of the poorest areas in Nepal, which says a lot considering the entire country is extremely poor. Free for Life understands the link between poverty and the increased risk of trafficking that results. It is not FFL’s vision to come into these villages and simply give them money or jobs that are unrealistic as sustainable options for the families here. The ministry of Free for Life and their partners is effective in understanding the culture to empower the people to be successful right where they are.

In the Kimaya villages, Free for Life and their partners implemented a sustainable pig program.

Through this program, young women are given pigs and the supplies to raise these pigs. These supplies include housing for the pigs, as well as food and vet check-ups for two years. These pigs then become impregnated, allowing the girls to sell the piglets for money. While there, we met a 15-year-old who was a part of this program. Through her program, she had sold enough pigs to start raising chickens, she was building a brick home for her family (their previous home had been a mud hut), and she bought a tractor, which she shared with her village so they could use it to build a new school. She also had purchased a computer that was in her home. When we visited, there was no electricity at the time, so she wasn’t able to turn on the computer, but to her, it did not matter. She was beaming with pride with all that she had done, and all the things she was able to show us. Her pride was contagious. We watched as other little girls followed her around, wanting to be just like her.

Free for Life and its partners ensure that while this girl is building her pig business at home, she still goes to school, so she can get her education. It is part of the agreement that each person who receives a pig must also continue to go to school or send their female children to school.  This action reassured me of the integrity, effectiveness, and eternal significance this ministry has on the country of Nepal and the fight against trafficking. What a difference this girl was making, simply because of two pigs and a dream.

– Kelsey Graham

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