6 Sewing Machines

The weapons we use for creating healing aren’t always traditional

Hearing the hum of a needle and thread passing between a few layers of fabric might not seem substantial to you, but to us it is the equivalent of hearing freedom bells toll.

The weapons we use for creating healing aren’t always traditional, but they are always successful. When we receive a girl to our rescue home we offer her the ability to be trained in tailoring. For most girls they are enticed by the idea of having a skill that will generate income, but the therapeutic work of creating with her hands brings a sense of peace.

We offer a 6-month training program to all girls who live in our rescue home. With a highly skilled house mom who is also their tailoring instructor, they are taught with patience and kindness the basics of sewing and tailoring. There is no cost for our girls, we cover all supplies necessary for their success. After the sixth month program is completed we gift our girls with their own sewing machine as well as money to start their own business.

Since 2013 we have seen the over 100 girls graduate from our tailoring program. The success rate for girls who complete is something we are very proud of. One of our rescued girls who lives in a village outside of Dhangadhi has started her own business and now employs two other women. She has created a truly successful company and has gained the respect of not only her family, but her village as well.

There is nothing more exciting then when we see our girls grasp hold of their destiny and take charge of the future.   That excitement, momentum, and energy fuels our scholarship programs and is a huge factor in the success of our tailoring program. These women now have a skill, a way to market themselves, and the ability to create income for themselves; that empowerment is truly priceless.

If you want to join us in this empowerment, please consider purchasing a Bow this Christmas season. For only $300 you can gift freedom, empowerment, and hope to a victim of sex slavery!

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Sarah Weeks
Sarah Weeks is the Art and Media Coordinator for Free for Life. Her heart has always been passionate about seeing social justice and equality for all people, which has led her to working with anti-human trafficking NGO's for the last 5 years in various asian countries. Sarah firmly believes with coffee in her hand, Beyonce' in her ears, and determination in her soul she can see a difference in the lives of human trafficking victims. View more posts by Sarah.