3 Skills Gained

Three skills gained changes women for generations.

To give someone a trade, a skill, a craft, is to bring liberation from hopeless oppression.

In developed countries of the contemporary world, the empowerment of women has been a crucial factor contributing to the economic success of these countries. Empowering women to participate in all economic sectors is essential to building stronger economies, and implementing internationally accepted strategies for development and sustainability. It improves the quality of life for men and women in all communities where it is utilized.

Unfortunately, in many developing countries such as Nepal, women and girls are not empowered to pursue opportunities unrelated to the household. Nepalese women and girls are viewed as second class citizens to Nepalese men – socially and economically. Literacy rates for Nepalese women and girls stands at 53% of the population – barely half of Nepalese women can read or write (CIA World Factbook, 2015 est.). Illiteracy and lack of access to education, makes women and girls highly susceptible to coercive techniques used by human traffickers. Many are lured to work in Indian brothels, forced into the sex industry where they lead lives in slavery.

Free for Life International is dedicated to the empowerment of Nepalese women and girls. Free for Life with our partners in Nepal, is currently employing its resources toward the building of a training facility in Chitwan that will teach women and girls three principal skills: 1) Tailoring; 2) Cosmetology; and 3) Food processing. This training program lasts 6 months and costs nothing for our girls. They are provided with food, shelter, and all the supplies necessary for their success. The knowledge they receive will restore dignity and self-confidence back to former trafficking victims, and provide them the tools to lead sustainable lives.

Literacy and access to education for girls, leads to strong, capable empowered women. Empowered women establish vibrant and prosperous communities.

Please pray about becoming a partner in the effort to combat human trafficking by making a donation to Free for Life International. With your help, we will stand together in victory over global slavery. To help be a part of this victory donate here!

To give someone a trade, a skill, a craft, is to bring liberation from hopeless oppression.
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