Chela's Story

Chela is an empowered, passionate and driven survivor of human trafficking in the United States.

*Chela is an advocate for human trafficking survivors in her community and has given Free for Life permission to share her name, photos and parts of her story.*

Free for Life is honored to partner with Chela, through an educational sponsorship, as she pursues her degree in criminal justice. Once completed, Chela will be the first in her family to receive a college degree!

Read the questions below to get to know Chela’s heart and spirit.


What are your dreams and goals in life? What are you looking forward to in the future?

C: “My dreams are to complete my education and training, start a career in Criminal Justice whereby I can make a difference in the lives of others and the community, start my own business, be happy in my decisions and be financially stable and independent.”

How will this sponsorship assist you in achieving your goals and dreams?

C: “This opportunity will afford me a chance to start fresh with my education, enabling me to believe in my individuality and freedom to be whoever I choose to be!”

Do you consider yourself a survivor? Why?

C: “Yes, I consider myself more than survivor! I am a warrior! I know this because I can openly share my story to encourage and motivate others. It brings me joy to know that doing this shows my courage and how transparent I am with what I have been through in my life. Being able to share both sides of my life sends a sign to other people to not be embarrassed about their past or the things they are facing. Instead, be thankful through the struggle because the bigger the struggle, the greater the reward.”

Who inspires you and why?

C: “I believe that I am inspired by my faith, passion and ambition, but most importantly, by myself. The greatest thing I have learned through being a survivor is that no one else is you, and that is your power! I am also inspired and motivated by my own struggles and obstacles I have overcome in my life thus far. I am excited for more obstacles to be thrown my way, because I know that if God is with me, nothing can be against me!”

Chela's Progress

Summer Semester 2018

Criminal Justice 104: A

Communications 101:

Human Trafficking in Nepal

We love supporting courageous survivors in their passions and dreams! Nothing brings us more joy than seeing beauty come from ashes. Join us in supporting this Warrior and be a part of Chela’s story! 

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