We are not stopping!

Funding Border monitoring means bringing freedom!

We. Are. So. Excited!

Because we’ve seen so much excitement about our Be the Border campaign Free for Life has decided to continue this campaign for two more weeks!

Right now we’re about 40% funded, which is something we are so grateful for, however, we want to do more!

Being fully funded means that we are able to set up another guard in Dhangadhi. Those are more eyes watching, more eyes searching, and more eyes protecting Nepalese women and children. As a global community we have the chance to truly put our money where our mouth is by being a Border Builder. #BEaborderbuilder.

We ask that you join us and become a Border Builder by donating 50$ monthly. This ensures that together we can continue to bring justice to the trafficked women and children of Nepal!

Free for Life
Sarah Weeks
Sarah Weeks is the Art and Media Coordinator for Free for Life. Her heart has always been passionate about seeing social justice and equality for all people, which has led her to working with anti-human trafficking NGO's for the last 5 years in various asian countries. Sarah firmly believes with coffee in her hand, Beyonce' in her ears, and determination in her soul she can see a difference in the lives of human trafficking victims. View more posts by Sarah.