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Border Monitoring is an innovative way of preventing human trafficking for Nepali women and children

One of Free for Life’s most successful programs in Nepal is our Border Monitoring station at Krishnanagar. The border between India and Nepal is completely open and minimally marked. You could pass from country to country without even realizing! This is why border monitoring is a key factor in ending trafficking in this region. Our station is a modest wooden structure, no bigger than an 8×10 room. Still, the station’s impact is huge! Here, staff members identify potential trafficking situations, remove girls from harm and file official reports with the local authorities before it is too late.

Border Monitoring is one of the most efficient ways of preventing human trafficking for Nepali women and children. Free For Life Intl. has partnered with Peace Rehabilitation Center to enable border-monitoring stations. Here is a view from inside one of our stations. We hire and train native Nepali people to uncover the signs of human trafficking as they’re happening. These people are literally the hands that prevent and protect. To expand our reach we need your help! We are asking that you join us to #BEaborderbuilder and contribute monthly to the fight of ending human trafficking!

It’s time to become serious about the injustice that is human trafficking.  There is no validation for completely disregarding a human beings rights for ones own gratification.  We have an opportunity to take an active role in preventing and rescuing women from sex slavery, and that is not something to be taken lightly.  If your heart is in the same place, we ask that you invest in this cause.

Click here to learn more about Border Monitoring or become a #BorderBuilder today!

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