Efficiency is Key

900 miles of slavery.

The Nepali border is 900 miles long.  That is 900 miles of opportunity to trap and transport Nepali women to neighboring countries.  That’s 900 miles of insecurity.  900 miles of slavery.

Our Border Monitoring stations are simple in concept.  We have trained workers who watch for the signs of transporting trafficking victims.  They are fierce, discerning, and perceptive; ready to intervene for the sake of freedom.  Our staff has authority within their community; their reputation demands respect.  It is common for these women to walk onto a bus with confidence and question anyone about their journey. Through our work we have established watchdogs within the villages.  These strategic people report any signs of trafficking to us thus making the environment safer for women and children.

Our Krishnanagar Border Monitoring station has changed the entire community for the better.  However, this isn’t enough.  A long term goal for Free For Life International is have the ability to completely surround Nepal; in the mean time Be The Border is geared towards funding a new station in Dhangadhi.  We currently fund sustainability projects within Dhangadhi and are determined to make this village as safe as possible.

Our heart is to see human trafficking come to an end.  However, there is no way we can do this alone.  We need your partnership to make this goal a reality.  Please pray about joining us and #BEaborderbuilder by donating 50$ monthly. We need you!  Please invest your heart and treasure with us so we can see the end of modern day slavery!

We need you! Please invest your heart and treasure with us so we can see the end of modern day slavery!
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Sarah Weeks
Sarah Weeks is the Art and Media Coordinator for Free for Life. Her heart has always been passionate about seeing social justice and equality for all people, which has led her to working with anti-human trafficking NGO's for the last 5 years in various asian countries. Sarah firmly believes with coffee in her hand, Beyonce' in her ears, and determination in her soul she can see a difference in the lives of human trafficking victims. View more posts by Sarah.