Border Monitoring is Essential

The open border between India and Nepal is over 900 miles, with only 14 checkpoints. This makes it an ideal route for traffickers looking to easily navigate between the two countries. In response to thousands of Nepali girls being sold to traffickers in India every year, local nonprofits have developed a unique solution: border monitoring.

While individuals are free to pass from India to Nepal, and back, border monitoring stations are set up to observe travelers and look for potential warning signs. If a potential trafficking situation is identified by these stations, they are reported to the local authorities for further action. This is a critical line of defense against trafficking, and one that is unique due to the region’s open travel laws and large-scale trafficking problem.

Free for Life and our partners are at a border monitoring station in Krishnanagar, a popular check point along the border with India. Here, trained staff have intervened and saved the lives of nearly 500 girls since 2011! Our priority remains freedom, and reaching these girls before they enter into lives of slavery in India.

Border Monitoring stations are pivotal in the fight to end human trafficking between Nepal and India.  Our Be the Border campaign is centered around trying to fund a new border monitoring station in Dhangadhi.  If your heart is motivated to see a difference in the lives of Nepali women and children we ask that you head to our donation page and join us in a monthly donation to #Beaborderbuilder.  We can’t do it alone, and we definitely know that the more hands that join us is directly related to seeing less victims! We can do it together!  #BEtheborder with us.

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