4 Free for Life Locations

Four Free for Life locations means a network of freedom.

4 Connections Points for Freedom

In order to have a team of the best freedom fighters spreading awareness, Free for Life believes that it is necessary to equip these fighters with knowledge on how we have saved and sustained hundreds of girls from a life of trafficking! We work in four locations in Nepal; Kathmandu, Kirshnanagar, Dhangadhi and Chitwan! The work Free for Life does begins with rescue through our Border Monitoring Stations, followed by a large Rehabilitation Shelter for girls that cannot be repatriated to their families, and the final step is a training facility where our girls may begin to truly shine!

It all starts with our Border Monitoring Stations located in Krishnanagar and Dhangadhi. Here is where Free for Life and our partners, with the help of locals, look for red flags while nearly 15,000 girls being trafficked across the Indian and Nepali border every year. Our team has taken the initiative and counsels over 3,500 girls a year at these stations. While talking with these girls and their potential traffickers one-on-one, we have discovered many trafficking situation and have rescued 135 girls this year alone!

Rescuing is only a part of Restoration.

Once girls have been saved either from brothel raids or from one of our Border Monitoring Stations, Free for Life and our partners in Nepal, welcomes them with loving arms to our permanent shelter in Kathmandu. What makes our shelter unique is that the girls are welcome to stay for as long as they wish, as we believe that there should never be a time limit set for recovery. Here we have cared for hundreds of girls, and several former victims have begun working at our shelter to help others with the healing process.

If and when the girls feel ready to take on the world, we work to empower each of them by offering courses at our training facility in Chitwan. Here, girls can learn not only fun but also useful trade skills to be able to one day financially support themselves with sewing and jewelry making courses.

With these combined efforts there are so many ways we are able to not only rescue these girls, but give them a life they love! With your support we can continue our efforts in all of our four locations!

By donating just $300 you can not only save a young girl from a life of misery, but sustain her for a year! Make a difference this Christmas and together we can Put a Bow on Freedom!

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