April's Story

April is a passionate and driven survivor of human trafficking in the United States.
*April has given Free for Life permission to share her name, photo and parts of her story.*
Free for Life is so excited to accept April as a scholarship recipient! April is currently pursuing her degree in social work and is the first in her family to attend college.
April is a survivor of trafficking in the United States, and we are honored to be part of her story of freedom!
Read more below to get to know April’s heart and story.

What Are Your Dreams and Goals in Life? What Are You Looking Forward to In the Future?

A: “Currently, my goal is to finish my education so I can continue to help other survivors find their self-determination and power, so they can truly find their freedom.
I’m always working on ways to be a better person, as well. I try to put out into the world what I would like to see in my own life. Kindness, love, compassion, respect, honesty, hope, empowerment, I could go on and on. I just want to live in a world that giving and not just taking. I want to feel safe and valued as a human.”

Do You Consider Yourself a Survivor? Why?

A: “Yes, I am a survivor. I’m a survivor because I managed to stay alive in a world and lifestyle that has taken the lives of many women and still continues to do so.”

What Encouragement Would You Share with Others Who Face Pain and Abuse?

A: “Your past does not dictate your future! You can be and do live as YOU choose! The road to healing has its ups and downs but you will find freedom in the journey.”

Of What Accomplishment Are You Most Proud?

A: “I am proud to be an overcomer, and that I have learned to advocate for myself and others. That I have walked through the fire and now I’m running back into that fire to help others fight through the flames.”

We love supporting courageous survivors in their passions and dreams! Nothing brings us more joy than seeing beauty come from ashes. Join us in supporting April today! 

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