The identification, assistance and restoration of human trafficking victims and survivors.

Our Mission, Commitment & Plan


The identification, assistance and restoration of victims and survivors of human trafficking.


Freedom for all.

Core Values

Respect, Integrity, Truth and Truthfulness, Excellence

“Do what is RITE”

Commitment to Meeting the Needs of Trafficking Survivors

We partner with organizations and individuals globally to meet the needs of trafficking survivors and those who are considered to be at high risk of being trafficked. We partner by providing financial, emotional and spiritual support.


Free For Life International works to identify individuals who have been trafficked or are at risk of being trafficked. FFLI assists these individuals through a 4S method: Stations (Border Monitoring), Shelters, Scholarships and Sustainable Programs. Restoration is defined as the healing of the whole person- mind, body and spirit. FFLI seeks to provide full-circle recovery for each individual.


What is the root of trafficking? It is the vulnerability created by poverty and a lack of resources. At FFLI, we want to go to the root and help the most at-risk communities for trafficking at every level: prevention, rescue, restoration and vocational training.