Around the world, children who are orphaned or in foster care are at an elevated risk for human trafficking and exploitation. Free for Life International is passionate about protecting future generations from cycles of abuse — our goal is to increase education about risk factors to foster community change and better protect children and youth in need.

On May 26th, 2022 – as a part of National Foster Care Month – Free for Life will host the Intersection of Human Trafficking and Orphan and Foster Care Conference. 

This innovative conference will bring together experts in domestic and international child protection, law enforcement, and anti-human trafficking. This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate across sectors and communities for one common goal: protecting children and youth from human trafficking and exploitation.

This event is free and virtual, making it open to participants around the world! Space is limited, so register and reserve your seat today



Jason Wilkerson

Special Agent – Criminal Investigator
Human Trafficking Unit
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

As a career law enforcement officer, Jason will share about his unique experience intervening in cases of human trafficking and runaway youth. He will discuss the connection points between the systems of law enforcement and child services, as well as what gaps exist.

Tiffani P

Board Member & Survivor Advisor – Free for Life International
Founder – GloryB

Tiffani is a survivor of human trafficking through the foster care system and has chosen to share parts of her lived experience. She will touch on what assistance could have helped her as a child and the gaps she has identified as the founder of her own organization serving in this space.

Lacy Tolar

Founder – Rescue 1 Global

Rescue 1 Global operates Grace Oasis: a Safe House and Recovery Program for minor survivors of human trafficking. She will focus on her international and domestic exeperience as an anti-trafficking practitioner who interacts with and receives referrals orphan care organizations and child service departments.

Nicole Wilke

Director – Applied Research & Best Practice Initiative
Christian Alliance for Orphans

Nicole has extensive experience with foster and orphan care, trauma recovery, children with special needs and OVC research. She will focus on the research-driven side of international child protection and care.

Kara Sievers

Former Social Worker with Experience in Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, and Refugee and Immigrant Work

Kara brings a background in social work and a passion for empowering vulnerable people from every background. She will focus on her time spent working with teens and adolescents and the red flags she encountered that pointed to exploitation and abuse.

Nelson Paulino

Founder & CEO – Casa Misionera

Casa Misionera opens doors of opportunities in ministry to young adults in the Dominican Republic. Nelson will share about his experience with the orphan care system in Latin America and the need for collaboration between youth empowerment and anti-trafficking efforts.

Retail Orphan Initiative

The purpose of Retail Orphan Initiative is to raise awareness and provide real solutions for more than 400 million vulnerable children worldwide. They partner with organizations serving this need across nearly 20 countries. 

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