*To protect the identity of this survivor, her name and image have been changed* 

Jasmina was telling the truth when she told monitors in a Delhi train station that she was traveling to find work. She wasn’t telling the truth when she told them she was 18 years old.

At only 15, Jasmina had run away from her home in Rajasthan five days prior. She knew her family needed money and there were limited jobs available if she stayed in her home. She didn’t want her parents to stop her, and she decided to leave without telling anyone. Delhi was entirely foreign to her, and a local family could tell she seemed lost in the city after her arrival late one night. The family gave Jasmina Rs. 300 for a taxi ride, but quickly realized she had lied about having a place to go. 

Jasmina stayed with this family, and after three days of attempting to persuade her, Jasmina finally agreed to return home. They took her to the nearest train station where a team of transit monitors was able to assist her. When her parents arrived at the station, they said that they had spent the last several days frantically looking for her and had even tried filing a report with the police to no avail. Because of one family’s kindness and the team in the station, this young girl was protected and is now safe at home with her family. Jasmina knows how different the outcome could have been if someone else had noticed her vulnerability in the city.

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