*To protect the identity of this survivor, her name and image have been changed* 

While growing up in a remote village in Thailand, Dok spent her nights sleeping in a shed. She was unloved and unwanted by her family and married off to a much older man while still a teenager. Though she hoped to find the love she always wanted, her husband was cruel and violent. Dok didn’t feel safe and saw no choice but to flee her home and sell her body to survive on the streets. 

It was on those same streets that Dok was invited to an English class by staff members at HONB. As she eventually began to feel encouraged by her new friends, she decided to move into the home. It was here she began to heal from a lifetime of rejection, abuse, and sexual exploitation. It was in that home that she met Jesus and began to thrive for the first time.

When Dok learned that a friend from her childhood village was coming to Bangkok, she feared she would be exploited in the same way Dok had been. Dok knew she couldn’t let that happen. She asked HONB to let her friend stay at the home. “If you can only take one of us,” she pleaded, “please take my friend… now I have Jesus, and I’ll be okay.” HONB welcomed them both, and Dok’s friend eventually finished an Engineering degree before becoming employed in her field. Dok went on to graduate from Bible school and is now happily married to a loving husband. Dok’s story highlights the full-circle restoration Free for Life strives for with every survivor we serve. 

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