*To protect the identity of this survivor, her name and image have been changed* 

Choi was born into poverty — she had few opportunities ahead of her in a country bordering Thailand. One day, a woman came to the small village and promised Choi’s parents their daughter could get a better job in Bangkok. This is a common practice for human traffickers who know families struggling to make ends meet are desperate for better employment. 

Choi was elated at the chance to earn money and start a new life, and the woman promised her parents she’d be taken care of. When the two arrived in Bangkok, however, Choi was sold to a massage parlor where she was sexually exploited by men she didn’t know; she was still a young girl. 

After enduring this abuse, Choi met the HONB team, who eventually took her into their care. Choi wasn’t sure where her home was or even how old she was when she arrived in Thailand, but through the home’s healing care, she was given a new start. She was able to choose a new birth date and the age of eleven.

Choi was tutored through the eighth grade before entering a local high school where she excelled and received academic awards. With plans to attend university soon, Choi’s future has never been brighter.

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