“We talked about our future. We said we would get married, run off to India, have a big family, and be happy forever. Little did I know…”


Udita came from a childhood of poverty where her father worked two jobs to support the six members in her family. During the day he would work the fields, and in the evenings he would work at the local brick factory. Even with two jobs, the family was still struggling to make ends meet. After the 10th grade, Udita had no choice but to leave school as they could not afford higher education.

One of Udita’s close friends introduced her to a young, 22-year-old named Bhajan. The two exchanged phone numbers and began talking nearly every night. A love quickly blossomed between them. Bhajan confessed his desire to make Udita his wife and give her the life she deserved. They spoke of a future where they would get married and run off to start their lives together in India, where they would have a large family and be happy forever.

Udita agreed and, at 20 years old, she left to begin her life with her future husband. She was so smitten that she decided to not tell her family for fear that they would interfere with their love. The couple decided to take a local bus to cross the border into India. Border monitoring staff regularly check the buses headed into bigger cities. When staff asked to see Udita and Bhajan’s marriage registration or proof of their relationship, they had nothing.

“The border staff revealed his lies. He didn’t want a life with me, he wanted to use me.”

Free for Life’s partner further looked into the life of Bhajan and discovered that he was already married with children. The staff turned Bhajan over to the police and he has since been arrested with fraud.

Udita was welcomed back to her family with open arms. Her parents were very understanding and not upset at her in the slightest. They were just happy to have their daughter home again.

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