A mother’s guidance and love are extremely important, especially when it comes to young girls. Rachana never received this guidance as her mother passed away when she was barely a toddler. Rachana attempted to turn to her father for support, but he was hardened and resentful towards his children after the loss of his wife. With her older sisters being married, and her older brother living in India, Rachana and her younger brother had no choice but to move in with their maternal aunt, Hema.

Aunt Hema owned a very small patch of land, and the money made off the land was hardly enough to support even the small family of three. One day, while Rachana was helping around the home, there was a knock on the door. It was her paternal aunt who was there to speak with Aunt Hema and Rachana. The aunt spoke of a job opportunity in her house in India. She told Rachana that she was welcome to come with her to earn more money and be able to go to school! Rachana was elated that someone was giving her the attention and opportunity she desperately desired, and immediately decided to go.


Once in India, Rachana started by helping her aunt around the house for the first few months. As Rachana was just beginning to start enjoying her new home, her aunt’s true motives were revealed. Rachana’s aunt forced her into prostitution. She spent each day in various hotels while her aunt sent in client after client. After months of this abuse, Rachana longed to be back on the small farm with her little brother and be forever rid of her horrible aunt.


Rachana’s prayers were answered when one of our sources told us about this abuse. After following the case for a short while, we managed to intervene and rescue Rachana! With Rachana’s help we were able to also arrest her aunt. We were finally able to track down Aunt Hema’s address and in March 2016, Rachana was able to return home to Nepal and give her younger brother a much-needed hug.

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