With the holiday giving season now upon us, it is as important as ever to shop from socially responsible brands. Unsafe working environments and low wages are extremely common for the foreign and domestic workers who produce so many of the items we buy every day. Unfortunately, the true cost of a cheap pair of shoes or pants is all too often the exploitation and endangerment of economically vulnerable women and children around the world. Below is a list of fair-trade and environmentally sustainable fashion and home-goods brands that allow you to put more money into the hands of deserving workers with your holiday shopping! 

Tiny Closet https://www.thetinyclosetshop.com/ 

Tiny Closet is an elegant, minimalist clothing brand for women based in L.A. Every item is handmade and made to order by the store’s founder, who buys only deadstock fabric from larger brands to keep it out of landfills.

Pact https://wearpact.com/ 

Described as “Earth’s Favorite Clothing Company,” Pact offers a wide selection of apparel for men, women, and kids made from sustainably-produced cotton. Pact partners with Fair Trade Certified factories that provide safe working conditions while empowering and uplifting local communities.

Girlfriend Collective https://www.girlfriend.com/  

Girlfriend Collective turns discarded plastic bottles, fishing nets, and other waste into finely crafted bras, leggings, and shorts. More importantly, they use a Fair Trade Certified factory in Hanoi, Vietnam that guarantees fair wages, safe and healthy conditions, and zero forced or child labor. 

TELAstory Collective https://www.telastorycollective.com/ 

If you need masks, look no further than TELAstory. Since TELAstory’s beginning in March 2019, they have used biodegradable, locally-sourced textiles and waste fabric to create their designs while providing living wages for all of their Filipina seamstresses. 

Cuyana https://www.cuyana.com/ 

Cuyana’s minimalist and classic clothing, jewelry, face masks, and bags are designed to last. Their mission is to create high-quality products that minimize waste while partnering with small, family-run vendors that support equitable, heritage production techniques.

Nisolo https://nisolo.com/ 

Nisolo is an online marketplace based in Nashville that sells everything from shoes to backpacks to glassware. Nisolo has always been committed to using only ethically and environmentally responsible business practices.

Vetta https://www.vettacapsule.com/ 

Using both domestic and international Fair Trade Certified factories, Vetta’s mission is to make sustainably-produced clothing for women. They have simple, beautiful designs available for everything from formal attire to loungewear.

Under the Canopy https://underthecanopy.com/ 

Under the Canopy makes organically and sustainably-produced mattresses and goods for bathrooms, bedrooms, and babies. Their factories are Fair Trade Certified and have no forced labor in the supply chain for any of their products.

Deadwood https://www.deadwoodstudios.com/ 

For leather goods, try Deadwood. This studio recycles leather from deadstock skins, vintage clothing, and post-production waste into jackets, backpacks, and bottoms for men and women. They pay all of their factory workers a living wage and ensure fair hours as well as no child or forced labor.


For more ways to find ethical brands this holiday season, visit DoneGood at https://donegood.co/ or The Good Trade at https://www.thegoodtrade.com/ 

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