Let me start by saying thank you — thank you for supporting Free for Life through even the most uncertain times. We could not continue fighting for freedom without you!

As COVID-19 reaches new levels at home and around the world, I wanted to share how Free for Life is responding to this unique challenge.

Our commitment to freedom & restoration remains strong. 

We know that the root of human trafficking is vulnerability. While it may be unclear what will happen in the days to come, it is certain this pandemic will leave individuals with less physical and financial security. We will continue serving these populations — we believe that the instability of one’s circumstances should not lead to exploitation or abuse. 

Our local & international programs will continue.

The international countries we work in — India, Nepal, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Peru — are not yet experiencing critical levels of the virus. That being said, each of the facilities we support is still taking necessary precautions to limit transmission. Our scholarship recipients in the U.S. will continue being supported, however their semesters will now be transferred to online learning. Our team in Nashville is taking immediate action to minimize workplace interaction. We will remain flexible as we monitor the situation and respond to changes as they arise.

We need you more than ever before.

At Free for Life, we truly consider each of our supporters family. We urge you to take care of yourself and your loved ones — we recognize the tremendous challenges you may be facing during this time. As you are able, please consider the incredible women and girls we serve. We want to continue transforming stories and bringing light to dark places! We need you to join us as we do.

This is an unprecedented time, but we will remain strong through the storm. We will continue sending updates, but please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

Thank you for all you have empowered us to do! Stay safe and know we are thinking about you.

Gabrielle Thompson

Gabrielle Thompson

Executive Director & CEO

Gabrielle Thompson serves as Free for Life International’s Executive Director & CEO. She has a heart for empowerment, justice and vulnerable populations around the globe. She has spoken on behalf of the organization across the United States and in India, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Thailand. Thompson holds a Master’s in International Development focused in Gender from Middle Tennessee State University, and previously worked in gender policy development in Istanbul, Turkey, and in Costa Rica for an INGO on grants for impoverished female entrepreneurs.

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