Although her father was a former missionary, Sita did not grow up in a family bursting with love. Sita always felt that her family did not want her, and the young girl was regularly ignored. Desperate for love, Sita was ecstatic when her aunt began to pay her the attention she desired. Beginning at the age of nine, Sita’s aunt helped her secure several nannying jobs over the course of three years. Each of these jobs seemed to get progressively worse, with verbal and physical abuse becoming common.



When Sita reached the age of 12, her aunt suggested they travel to New Delhi, India to leave the abuses of her past behind. She told Sita that in India she would have the chance to become a tailoring assistant. Sita leapt at this opportunity, knowing that her family may not even notice if she left. When they arrived in New Delhi, Sita’s aunt introduced her to an older woman, Urmila. This woman purchased Sita for just 29 US dollars, a decent amount of money in Nepal. Sita never heard from her aunt again.

In the beginning, Sita held on to the belief that this was her chance at a new life, as she began training to tailor and sew. This hope came to an unfortunate halt when, after only two months, Urmila delivered Sita to a brothel.



Three long years passed, and Sita started to accept that she would never escape this horrific life. She knew it would be better to live with her unloving family than to be trapped having sex against her will for another moment. Just when all hope had been lost, a Free for Life & Nepali team, with the help of the Indian Police, raided the brothel where Sita was being held. After years of abuse, Sita was finally free — free from a hateful family, free from betrayal and manipulation, free from trafficking!



Today, Sita lives at Free for Life’s partner’s Safe Home in Nepal.  She is currently enrolled in high school and adjusting to being surrounded by people who truly care about her well-being and future. At Free for Life, our vision is a world full of love for these strong girls and a world where trafficking no longer exists. We must work together to spread awareness and bring justice for those like Sita.

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