April’s Summer Update

Summer Semester | 2019

“My name is April, and I am a recipient of the Free for Life International Scholarship. I have received scholarships in the past, but I have never received the kind of support FFLI has given and continues to give me. FFLI does not just award individuals with financial support. They also invest in the individual, and in building a relationship with those who are lucky enough to be selected as a part of their wonderful organization.

They take time to make personal phone calls and are in constant communication with me. They really care how my educational journey is going. Receiving a scholarship from FFLI has allowed me to concentrate on my classes this past semester (which I passed with A’s) and not have to worry about the finances.

Another way that shows how Free for Life has continued to show their support is that they have graciously offered to buy my books for the Summer semester. I really cannot convey in words how blessed I feel to be involved with Free for Life International.

Coming from a life where I was controlled, manipulated and told time and time again that I was worthless and would never be anything, I began to believe it. Being a part of FFLI is showing me those past voices  have no power today! I now have a team that believes in me and the support they give says ‘you are worthy, and you are going to be something amazing!'”

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash
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