Scholarship Program

Our scholarships give trafficking survivors access to educational programs and resources they need - equipping them to achieve their dreams and goals.

New Skills, New Opportunities

The goal of Free for Life’s scholarship program is building and sustaining partnerships between FFLI and individual trafficking survivors around the world who are dedicated to pursuing educational or vocational training to empower their lives of freedom.

These partnerships can include higher education or skills training in various fields and are designed to be sustained over a survivor’s entire educational journey – up to Master’s level education.

The eligibility requirements for survivors are as follows:

  • Each survivor must have completed a rehabilitation program through a local shelter or nonprofit program.
  • Each survivor must have a passionate heart and personal desire to pursue education or vocational training
  • Each survivor must complete all necessary prerequisites to be accepted into their desired institution or program


Our brand new Chitwan Training Facility was nicknamed "The Happy Home" by the local community and we couldn't agree more with the accuracy of that name. Here, rescued girls will soon receive skills training in three vocational areas to empower each in their lives of freedom.
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Learn about Free for Life’s efforts to strengthen communities in the fight against trafficking.

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Free for Life’s work is only possible because of the active participation of our partners in the U.S. – whether you join financially, as a volunteer, or start a community chapter you’re invited in.

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