Perfect timing and a diligent Border Monitoring Station staff rescue a young bride from a life of sex slavery and a husband's greed

Border Monitoring is Critical in Saving Lives

A person might ask, “how much of a difference can Border Monitoring make?” This is a reasonable question, given that one of Free for Life’s four main areas of work is our Border Monitoring Stations with our partners.

Most of the time, these occurrences take place at the actual border station, but as the story below will illustrate, our border monitoring staff go above and beyond, sometimes helping to bring justice outside the walls of the station.

Riea’s Story

Riea became an orphan when she was quite young, and consequently went to stay with an aunt and uncle. When she turned 17, Riea was sold by her aunt and uncle into marriage. They received approximately $500 in exchange. The only thing Riea received was a new life sold into sexual bondage, as her new husband turned her into a slave, selling her routinely in Nepal for prostitution in areas such as bus parks. Riea’s life was day after day of horror beyond her belief, as her husband forced her to have sex with numerous men while he pocketed the money.

The greed of her husband was not satisfied with just selling her in Nepal. He knew that he would receive more money for her by selling her to a brothel in India. They traveled to a hotel near our partner’s Border Monitoring Station at the Nepal-India border in Krishnanagar. While her husband made arrangements with the brothel in India for her sale, he prostituted Riea at the hotel where they were waiting.

Perfect Timing

Considering the circumstances leading up to this point, this was the best place Riea could have ended up. Unbeknownst to Riea’s husband, our partner staff from the Krishnanagar border were watching the activities in this hotel, monitoring who people were and who they might be with. As the couple exited the hotel, the border staff pulled them aside to interview them. Riea was able to explain that her husband was trafficking her, and that he was taking her across the border that very day to be sold to an Indian brothel. Talk about timing!

Riea was saved by the grace of God, alongside the hard work and diligence of Krishnanagar’s border staff. Had our partner staff not been there, it is very likely she would be living out the rest of her existence in an Indian brothel. Instead, Riea’s nightmare ended here, and her trafficker was arrested and is now in prison. She has a long journey ahead of her, but Riea is doing better and feels blessed to have been rescued.

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