An Exciting Journey

Mira sat next to an older man in the back of a cramped taxi, awaiting her arrival at yet another checkpoint on her journey. She believed each checkpoint was an additional step towards a better future. She had grown tired of dancing at the only casino in her small village in Nepal and dreamt of a better employment opportunity. Mira had never traveled on a plane before, and the anticipation gave her butterflies. She smiled as she thought to herself how no one back home would believe the great opportunity she had been given. If only the man next to her had not made her promise to keep it a secret. 

An Incredible Promise

When he first approached her in the casino weeks before, Mira could not believe her luck. This mysterious man told her about the beauty of Kenya and how much more money she could make there. Once she agreed to his plan, he made a large deposit into her account — enough to cover all of her travel expenses! She had never seen that much money at once, and she was assured she would quickly receive more after her arrival in Kenya. 

A Dark Reality

Mira did not realize how dangerous this journey could be for her, or that this man she had trusted “gifted” her the money in order to enslave her in debt bondage. When her taxi arrived at the border with India, Free for Life border monitoring staff stopped the vehicle and spoke to Mira separate from her travel companion. They realized that Mira had been manipulated through dreams of a new life in Kenya. The staff members explained the dangerous reality to Mira and with their help, she returned home to her village safely. Mira is now helping others in her community through sharing her story! 


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