This is Bela. She currently resides at the Nepal safe home with her baby, who was born at the shelter a few short months ago. Bela is only 15 year old and was rescued at Free for Life and our partner’s Border Monitoring Station at Krishnanagar.

Bela’s Story

When Bela was 14, a man came to her village and lured her into believing that he wanted to marry her. He promised to love, protect, and provide for her. Everything he had told her turned out to be lies, and instead of love and protection, Bela’s husband sold her as a sex slave over and over and over again. While being sold as a sex slave, Bela became pregnant from one of her many assaults. She now carried the baby of a man who, when finished using her, left and immediately went on about his life. As Bela’s traffickers attempted to move her across the Nepal-India border, she was rescued during an interview with our Border Monitoring Station staff. During Bela’s interview, something appeared to be very suspicious and, upon further investigation, it was discovered she was being trafficked. She was rescued and her trafficker was turned over to the authorities.

A New Journey Begins

Once at the Safe Home in Kathmandu, it became evident Bela had endured severe trauma. Struggling with depression, she continued to threaten to take her own life, as well as the baby’s. Through love, compassion, and commitment, the staff was able to help Bela carry the baby to term. However, it became very difficult for Bela at this time – she just could not accept the love and opportunity being offered to her. Sadly, she also had difficulty giving love to the baby she had delivered. Her new baby was a constant reminder of the abuse she had experienced.

It was all too much for Bela, and sadly she tried to harm her own child. Thankfully, the baby did not sustain injury and is healthy and doing amazingly well. Unfortunately, Bela decided at that point to leave the shelter. This, however, would not be the end of the story.

A Change of Heart

After about two weeks, Bela returned and asked if she could come back to the shelter.  Something changed in Bela’s heart, and she realized there was unconditional love waiting for her inside the walls of the shelter, and she returned to the safe home

Today, Bela is at the shelter and is willingly and lovingly taking care of her child. She is now learning to extend the love she herself so desperately sought. What an amazing gift for them both.

Bela may have a long journey ahead of her, but she has chosen to face that road head on.

(Names and people have been changed to protect this girl.)


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