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14 Ways to Help End Trafficking

  1. Post the National Human Trafficking Hotline number around your neighborhood, school, or work place. The hotline handles calls from anyone, including witnesses, potential victims, service providers, community members, and people hoping to learn more. The toll free number is operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call- 1-888-3737-888 Text- “Be Free” 233733.
  2. Join or start a Free For Life International chapter or organization in your community or at your university. Our chapters are dedicated to fundraise for our organization and raise awareness about human trafficking. We will provide the needed essentials to get you started, all you have to do is get a group of passionate individuals together! Learn more about becoming a chapter builder.
  3. Attend an event. Once a year, Free For Life International hosts The Barefoot Mile. During the event participants walk a mile barefoot to stand in solidarity with the victims around the world who walk without shoes. Stay tuned for more events coming throughout the year!
  4. Host an event. If you love hospitality, gather your group of friends for a luncheon date and get one of our staff members to come and talk about what human trafficking looks like in your community. Both big and small events make a huge impact on individual’s understanding about trafficking and ways to help end the problem. Click here to learn more!
  5. Request a speaker. Our Executive Director Gabrielle Thompson travels around the United States to speak at conferences, social groups, schools, and churches. Her speeches range from the basics of human trafficking to how nurses can identify trafficking victims. Email Gabrielle Thompson:
  6. Buy products from Amazon Smile. When you shop for products using Amazon Smile, the company will donate 0.5% of the money you spend to an organization of your choice. Select Free for Life International as your charity and save lives while you shop. Link your account here.
  7. Shop for products made by human trafficking survivors through sustainability programs and anti-trafficking organizations. Products made by survivors range from scarves and bags to lotions and postcards. Check out our jewelry made from survivors in Nepal. FFLI also sells silver bracelets with our vision statement “Freedom for All” and t-shirts/tanks with a graphic of our Chitwan training facility in Nepal. Click here to check out our products.
  8. Sign up for our newsletter. Once a month Free for Life International sends out a newsletter that contains information about rescue stories, FFLI updates, human trafficking in the news, and the research the organization is doing. Sign up for our newsletter here.
  9. Follow us on social media. Stay in tuned with what Free Life International is doing. Share our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and spread awareness about human trafficking online.
  10. Learn how to spot the signs. Polaris is an anti-trafficking organization dedicated to the research behind what trafficking looks like in the United States. To find out how to identify a trafficking victim, visit
  11. Find out how the work of exploited people has a direct effect on your life. Visit the Slavery Footprint website to take an online survey that helps you determine how many slaves touch the products you buy. Click here to take the survey.
  12. Become a mentor. Mentorship is one of the best ways to fight human trafficking. Being a mentor allows you to be involved in a young girl’s life, be her friend, and keep her away from becoming a potential trafficking victim.
  13. Talk about human trafficking. Awareness is a huge component to ending trafficking. Do not be silent about the issue. Talk to you friends and family about what human trafficking looks like within your own community.
  14. Use your talents. Whether you like to write, cook, or cycle. Each skill can be used as a unique way to raise awareness about human trafficking. Write an article about the issue. Cook a meal for survivors living in a shelter. Host a cycling event to raise money for an anti-trafficking organization.
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Free for Life is fighting Human Trafficking in Nepal by partnering with organizations and individuals globally to meet the needs of trafficking survivors and those who are considered to be at high risk of being trafficked. Together with our partners, we provide financial, emotional and spiritual support. View more posts by Free for Life.