Human Trafficking Training for Medical Professionals

Free for Life International's medical training program is designed to equip current and future medical professionals within the U.S. with the knowledge and resources to respond to human trafficking survivors and at-risk patients.

The Need

A study from the Annals of Health Law reported that up to 88% of sex trafficking survivors interviewed had come into contact with a medical provider while still in their trafficking situation.

This is a critical point for intervention on behalf of a survivor. 

Unfortunately, most healthcare professionals have received little to no training on the warning signs of trafficking in patients or how to appropriately respond.

Where Free for Life International Comes In…

Free for Life International has developed a 2-part approach to addressing this urgent need and equipping the medical community within the U.S.

  • Training Modules
  • OSCE Learning

Training Modules

Free for Life International has developed and implemented human trafficking training modules specifically designed for both medical students and healthcare professionals.

These modules include information on human trafficking trends and statistics and critical training on the warning signs of trafficking within a patient’s history chart, physical exam and mental evaluation.

We are so excited to have already partnered with the following organizations in the implementation of this training: American Medical Student Association, Quillen College of Medicine, New York Medical College, University of Arizona College of Medicine, Erlanger Hospital, and St. Thomas Hospital Nashville – Internal Medicine & OBGYN Units.

To date, we have trained over 850 students and professionals with these modules!

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OSCE Learning

OSCE’s are Objective Structured Clinical Examinations for medical and nursing students. These examinations use simulations, through actors, to assess a student’s skills and knowledge. They are required because they provide hands-on learning that forces students to engage with the medical decision-making process.

The purpose of these examinations is to simulate various scenarios that future medical practitioners may encounter. Unfortunately, there is currently no human trafficking-focused script developed.

Free for Life is incredibly excited to be the organization to develop this program and has already received grant funding for the implementation of patient simulation!

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This Is Where You Come In

Free for Life’s work is only possible because of the active participation of our partners in the U.S. – whether you join financially, as a volunteer, or start a community chapter you’re invited in.

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