45.8 Million People Enslaved

45.8 million people enslaved, with 18 million in India alone.

The 2016 Global Slavery Index estimates that there are over 45.8 million people enslaved in the world today. Of these, 18 million slaves are living in India alone. While India is experiencing rapid economic growth, much of this growth rests on a broken labor system that takes advantage of those in the community who are most vulnerable. Sexual slavery, child labor, and debt bondage are all too common, and allow some to gain profit at the expense of others’ freedom.

With a steady demand for slave labor in India, traffickers often have to look beyond national borders. Because of this, trafficking in, and out of, Nepal is an increasingly urgent problem. The open border between India and Nepal means almost no regulation of who leaves the country, or who they are leaving with. As a result, the UN estimates that approximately 7,000 Nepalese girls are trafficked into India every year – with many sold into Indian brothels.

Governmental response to the problem of human trafficking in India and Nepal has been slow, especially considering the massive scale of the problem. In response, local nonprofit organizations have developed grassroots solutions to protect their communities. Free for Life is proud to partner with Peace Rehabilitation Center’s Border Monitoring Program in Nepal and support these localized solutions!

Free for Life is devoted to standing in between perpetrators and victims.  We won’t stop fighting until we see captives set free!  #BEtheborder is devoted to raising funds and awareness for border monitoring stations.  Follow us and be a part of changing a trafficking victims life! This is our war, we are active participants in the fight to see modern day slavery come to an end!

The 2016 G.S.I. estimates that there are over 45.8 million people enslaved in the world today. 18 million slaves are living in India alone.
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Sarah Weeks
Sarah Weeks is the Art and Media Coordinator for Free for Life. Her heart has always been passionate about seeing social justice and equality for all people, which has led her to working with anti-human trafficking NGO's for the last 5 years in various asian countries. Sarah firmly believes with coffee in her hand, Beyonce' in her ears, and determination in her soul she can see a difference in the lives of human trafficking victims. View more posts by Sarah.