Sustainable Programs

Free for Life International is focused on creating sustainable efforts to provide women and girls literacy, trafficking prevention, and health & wellness training to help them be successful over the long haul. These programs make communities stronger and better able to resist the tactics of traffickers.

Empowered Women Create Revolutions, Build Stronger Communities

Rescuing women from trafficking is an incredible but temporary solution in the fight to end this human rights injustice.  To create lasting change on a national and international level, the root causes of trafficking must be addressed. This includes actively pursuing economic, cultural, legal and educational change.  We, at Free for Life, understand that addressing community vulnerabilities is the key to strengthening Nepal as a whole. We strive to accomplish this through our sustainable, full-circle programs.

Free for Life’s sustainable programs work together to equip participants with the tools they need to thrive.  We introduce community classes in every city where we have a Border Monitoring Station.  These classes cover incredibly valuable skills such as: literacy, basic math, sanitation, health and wellness, and trafficking prevention.  All women and children within the community are invited to participate in these classes.

One of our favorite success stories comes from a woman in a small village outside of the city of Dhangadhi.  This beautiful woman was in her mid-seventies when she first attended our community class.  Within a few months, she developed the ability to do basic math. Quickly, she realized that the butcher in town had been taking advantage of her and not giving her the correct change for years.  Because of her willingness to learn, she is now in control of her money and able to better take care of herself.

Village Watchdog Classes – Combatting Trafficking Community Building

In addition to Free for Life’s basic skills training, we also have dedicated sessions aimed at trafficking awareness and prevention, called “watchdog classes.” In these sessions, women are taught about the tactics and coercion methods traffickers most often employ.  These women truly become empowered with knowledge, and have even identified trafficking situations on their own, working with us to pursue freedom.

It has been shown that when a community is struggling financially, they are significantly more likely to fall prey to traffickers.  To combat this, we have income-generating initiatives focused on cross-generational agricultural development and livestock raising.

Income-Generating Agricultural Development

Agricultural Development is exceptionally valuable within the remote villages of Nepal.  Through this program, we research which plants will grow efficiently in the region and then teach participants how to correctly sustain these crops. We help them gather, grow, sell, and produce. This process not only provides subsistence for their own home and family, it also provides them with a good that they can sell.

Livestock raising has also been an incredibly successful venture for Free for Life and PRC.  The success of this program has truly changed entire villages, moving some into an entirely new economic class. Typically, the livestock we invest in is either pigs or chickens, based on what will be more profitable for each specific village. We begin this program by providing all start-up materials needed, including feed for the animals, materials for the housing structures, and education about the process of livestock raising.  We closely watch and support the women in this program, especially during the first year.  As the livestock enters the season for reproduction, we introduce a male counterpart in to inseminate the female.

The truly remarkable part of this program lies with the offspring.  When an animal first reproduces, we ask that our women give at least one baby to another woman within her village.  This maintains the cycle of development; with a heart of generosity and sustainability, the entire community benefits.

The Power of Sustainability in Trafficking Prevention

To address the cultural norms that lead to oppression in Nepal, we recognize the power of our sustainability programs.  Each time we gift a woman with a pig, she must agree to provide education for her children and refrain from participation in underage marriages, an important factor in Human Trafficking in Nepal.  Challenging these accepted cultural practices has led to strengthened and empowered communities that encourage Nepalese women to fight against the structural inequalities designed to keep them bound.  This is the ultimate purpose of cultivating sustainability within communities.

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