Our Chitwan Training Facility was given the name “The Happy Home” by the local community and we couldn’t agree more with the accuracy of that name.

The newly renovated facility in Chitwan, Nepal will soon host vocational courses for rescued girls!

The courses will cover various types of skills training for girls who have been trafficked or are considered at high-risk to be trafficked. The six-month, intensive courses will be 6 hours long, 5 days a week and will cover three areas: tailoring, cosmetology, and food processing.  Class sizes are up to 30 girls per semester and are completely free for participants.

Chitwan Happy Home in Nepal

The Happy Home was created to be a completely self-sustaining fortress of knowledge and safety for all participants.  We have included solar panels, rain water collection tools, multiple gardens, livestock, and other sustainable practices.

These areas were chosen because they can be easily applied in both rural and urban settings and are in relatively high demand within the country of Nepal. Each girl who completes one of the three programs will receive a scholarship upon graduation; each scholarship has the purpose of propelling the girls forward and empowering their future endeavors.



Finally, Free for Life will work to conduct quarterly visits to each graduate during the first year following completion of the program. This dedication to each girl we work with is necessary to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our programs, as well as monitor the achievement of our goal of keeping girls from returning to sex trafficking. We are so excited to begin our first class of girls, and see stories of the full-circle recovery and restoration that lie ahead.



Field Update: Chitwan “Happy Home”

Watch as FFLI Executive Director, Gabrielle Thompson, takes us inside the renovated Chitwan Training Facility to show us where rescued girls receive shelter and vocational education.

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