Border Monitoring

An open border is fertile ground for the trafficking of girls between Nepal and India. Our border monitoring stations are the front line in our battle to rescue and restore these women.

The Problem: An Open Border between Nepal and India Enables Trafficking

It is estimated that over 15,000 girls are trafficked from Nepal into India’s thriving sex trade each year. This means over 1,000 girls are taken across borders each month.

The border between Nepal and India is classified as an open border. Here, Nepalese and Indian citizens may easily and legally cross from country to country without any travel documents. The informality of crossing the border from Nepal into India is an opportunity traffickers recognize. They take advantage of the sheer number of people crossing the border each day to cloak their intentions of transporting and selling girls that have been kidnapped, bought, or lured with the promise of lucrative job opportunities.

How Free for Life is Responding: Border Monitoring Stations

Free for Life and PRC’s Border Monitoring Stations make it possible to identify and intervene in these situations.

The majority of the staff at our Border Monitoring Stations have overcome Human Trafficking themselves. Their knowledge and experience provides a critical foundation as our first line of defense in identifying potential human traffickers and victims. Our Border Staff members are trained and highly skilled at identifying trafficking situations and intervening in the best possible way for these girls. If our staff determines that a trafficking situation is occurring, the first priority is always removing the victim from harm. The staff will then contact the local police to detain the suspected trafficker, and report all information to the local authorities. Our staff members have earned the authority within the local community to stop and question whoever appears suspicious when crossing the border.

This work in Nepal is only possible because of our strong partnership with Peace Rehabilitation Center. PRC staff members are highly respected and trusted by the local community, and have been successfully assisting victims of sex trafficking since 1994. Through our collaborative efforts, Free for Life International and PRC currently fund and operate two Border Monitoring Stations along at the India-Nepal border at Krishnanagar and Dhangadhi.

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Border Monitoring Data: Measuring our Impact

Measuring Our Impact

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