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See how Free for Life is partnering to provide at-risk young women with safety and hope through shelter and education.

The Need

Thailand is a key destination in Southeast Asia for sex tours from Western countries and Japan. After the Vietnam war, Thailand became a popularized destination because of its unparalleled coastline, growing cities, and beautiful citizens.

Poverty in the northeastern region of Thailand has provided a continuous number of young women looking for ways to adequately support their families economically. However, a lack of education led to very few employment opportunities available and an increased vulnerability for young women. Gender inequality, domestic violence and abuse, poverty, corruption, and debt bondage all play a part in the sexual exploitation of young girls desperately trying to provide for their families.

Our Partnership

Free for Life is partnering with Home of New Beginnings in Thailand to meet the needs of highly at-risk young women.

Through this program, Free for Life is sponsoring the shelter and education of highly at-risk girls. Over half of these girls have mothers or grandmothers who worked in the sex industry, making them extremely vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking. Free for Life is taking a stand against multi-generational trafficking by breaking cycles of vulnerability for these young women.

In addition to the healing, family-style environment of the shelter, women and girls will receive both formal education and  ‘informal’ education –on everything from hygiene and cooking to budgeting and conflict resolution. They will also receive counseling where appropriate.

Our ultimate vision is to restore hope to these girls. Home of New Beginnings described the impact of their program like this — “the change in attitude, in outlook, in self-esteem is palpable. The girls begin to stand taller, shame is replaced with confidence, depression with hope, sorrow with laughter.”


Freedom Through Action

Join Free for Life in restoring confidence, hope and laughter to those who need it most!
$25 a month covers all the educational expenses for an at-risk girl.
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