Trafficking Prevention, Global Education

Free for Life International is partnering with CTRL ALT DEL Poverty to bring trafficking prevention education to developing countries and some of the most under-served regions in the world.

The Partnership

CTRL ALT DEL Poverty is a groundbreaking nonprofit organization with the mission of ending poverty through access to education and technology.

To achieve this goal, CTRL ALT DEL has employed unique Mobile Education Technology Labs. These kits include offline and online educational materials loaded onto tablet devices and can be customized with curriculum for any age range or group. The custom kits are also built to be rugged and mobile, come with extended battery capacity, and are waterproof, dust proof, crush proof and light-weight.

The Program

Free for Life is partnering with CTRL ALT DEL to develop and include a human trafficking prevention curriculum as a part of their Mobile Education Technology Labs. This curriculum will be age-appropriate for children and youth, as well as interactive to facilitate greater learning. Additionally, the materials will be applicable to multiple regions and cultures because of the global reach of the Mobile Education Technology Labs. Once complete, this curriculum will be implemented in 16 different countries and on 4 continents!

The Reason

Often, the most vulnerable within a community are those without access to education. Since this vulnerability is what traffickers take advantage of, Free for Life International is committed to stepping in at a critical point: educating children and youth around the world about the dangers of human trafficking to break cycles of poverty and abuse. Trafficking prevention is extremely important in the fight to end modern slavery, and collaboration between organizations ensures greater, more sustainable change.

What’s Next

During the month of November, FFLI Executive Director Gabrielle Thompson will be traveling to the Dominican Republic to pilot this new curriculum program. While there, she will be training orphan & shelter workers, as well educators & principals, on the warning signs of trafficking and the best intervention strategies. In addition, she will be teaching orphans, vulnerable youth, and K-12 school children what trafficking looks like to them and how to protect themselves and those around them.

Free for Life is so excited to take this next step and to continue expanding our trafficking prevention programs to those who need it most!

This Is Where You Come In

Free for Life’s work is only possible because of the active participation of our partners in the U.S. – whether you join financially, as a volunteer, or start a community chapterĀ you’re invited in.

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