I could not wait to share this story with you showing how Free for Life, in partnership with Peace Rehabilitation Center, continues the fight against slavery in Nepal. Poverty, lack of education, and lack of opportunity are three main reasons young women in Nepal are so vulnerable of being trafficked. But together we are doing something to change that. Through our existing border monitoring stations, tailoring classes are now being offered. Thankfully, now the young women attending these tailoring classes will have the skills to provide them a bright future.

Solely through Free for Life’s financial supporters on Facebook, we have now been able to offer our first 40 scholarships to young women who have been victimized by slavery or who are considered at high risk of being trafficked. It is shocking to learn that an estimated 15,000 young Nepalese women will be trafficked this year. Through programs like this, we are working to change that number. Your compassion for those victimized by slavery helps provide the hope of a bright future beyond the trauma she has endured.


sewing class Krishnangar1

We are so excited about the new season in the lives of these women and girls.  Our heart is to give each graduate a sewing machine as a graduation gift. This will ensure that each of them has the necessary tools for sustainable living. Each sewing machine is only $100 and if we pull together, we will be able to make that dream a reality to all our graduates.

Join us and give today!

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Free for Life is fighting Human Trafficking in Nepal by partnering with organizations and individuals globally to meet the needs of trafficking survivors and those who are considered to be at high risk of being trafficked. Together with our partners, we provide financial, emotional and spiritual support. View more posts by Free for Life.