Five Weeks of Freedom


Our Five Weeks of Freedom is designed to showcase some of our incredible survivors and their stories. We are raising support for future freedom operations, or raids, that we will be conducting in India. The first raid we conducted was a huge success! Read the story of eleven girls being rescued, and two traffickers being arrested HERE!

These five weeks  are going to be rich with empowering stories showcasing the resilience of our girls.  Every week two incredible survivors will be featured on our social media platforms. We want to show our diligence in continuing to fight for freedom and rescue women.

Planning a raid is a very intricate process.  It takes months of coordinating with authorities and community members to locate enslaved women in secret brothels.  The rescue of these girls can be extremely dangerous, and requires significant funds to ensure their absolute safety from the point of rescue, to returning back to Nepal. All of the money that is raised will go to various parts of a raid operation:

  • Hiring a police force or mercenaries to assist in the rescue and arrest 
  • Transportation for Free for Life staff from Nepal to India
  • Transportation for all rescued victims back to Nepal with an armed escort
  • Food, clothing, shelter for all victims
  • Medical screening upon rescue
  • Governmental paperwork to return back to Nepal

The Five Weeks of Freedom began March 7th and will continue until April 4th, with the target of raising $15,000. 100% of all contributions will go towards providing for future freedom operations.  We ask that you consider partnering with us financially as well as helping us get the word out!  Please like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and help share our freedom stories so we can make a difference together! 




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